Training Products

We offer a number of technology-based solutions to assist our Instructor and Instructor Trainer cadre to deliver our research and training in a more simplified and easy-to-use manner.

PPCT Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force Presentation Thumb Drive - $159.00 per thumb drive

The TPR UoF Presentation Thumb Drive includes updated research and findings regarding our TPR UoF program. This content contained on this thumb drive is the most up to date via Bruce's research and training methodology. It offers over 300 slides in total from the 11 modules. The modules covered in the presentation include:

1. Tactical Human Factors
2. Use of Force and Survival Principles
3. Design Methodology
4. Survival Stress Reflex
5. TPR Time Science
6. TPR Vision Science
7. Pattern Recognition Overview
8. TPR Scene Indicators
9. TPR Macro Threat Cues
10. TPR Micro Threat Cues
11. TPR Summary

The new presentation comes on an encrypted thumb drive and able to run on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

PPCT Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force Presentation Workbook - $35.00 per manual

Additionally, we have created the Threat Pattern Recognition Presentation Manual, which includes all of the TPR Presentation content mentioned above, presented in a full-color manual format. Each page includes the slide as well as a place to take notes. We believe these are a great addition for Instructors and Students alike to follow along with the many additions.

Firearms Threat Pattern Recognition (TPR) Thumb Drive - $89.00 per thumb drive

The Firearms Threat Pattern Recognition (TPR) Training Videos are designed to supplement and enhance existing firearms training courses. When paired with the Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force manual, the videos are an excellent teaching tool to help focus on biology-based responses subsequent to time, distance, and cover in a firefight. Covering the seven most commonly seen firearms draws such as Side of Leg, Behind the Back, Concealed and viewed from different vantage points, the end user should be able to do the following:

• Identify the lethal force micro-threat cues associated with each assailant lethal force draw.
• Identify the visual pathways needed to enhance threat identification and precision engagement.
• Identify a simple tactical solution that will enhance an officer’s ability to evade, verify the nature of the threat, and engage with precision.

We recommend these training videos to law enforcement, military and anyone interested in concealed carry who want to keep themselves and others safe. The videos are not designed to replace existing firearms courses, nor do these videos advocate a specific firearms shooting stance system. The videos arrive on a copy-protected thumb drive and is designed to work on both Windows and Apple computers.