Ground Control Systems

The Ground Control System follows a similar design methodology to the Edged Weapon Countermeasures Program. The system is broken into the following:

Passive Resistance Ground Control

- Contain uncooperative actions
- Stabilize to apply Touch Pressure control that will be followed by Iron Wrist-lock control
- Stabilize to apply Touch Pressure Control followed by Inverted Finger Lock control
- All joint locks will transition into Iron Wrist-lock Control

Defensive Resistance Ground Control
- Contain resistive actions
- Distract through Touch Pressure Control
- Disrupt through Distraction Techniques
- Control through Iron Wrist-lock Control

Active Aggression Ground Control
- Apply Touch Pressure Control
- Distract / Disrupt through Shoulder Pin
- Disrupt through Crack-Back Control
- CQB engagement to Pelvis

While the Ground Control System has been a continuous refinement since 1996, the new Ground Control System is a product of Bruce Siddle and Staff Instructors whom are experts in Ground Fighting. There is zero MMA or BJJ influence in the new system.